Product Information

The spray foam insulation we use is nationally recognized under the name Freedom Foam 1800. It is a two-part closed-cell non-toxic spray polyurethane foam system, utilizing a water based blowing agent.

Our spray foam contains no HCFC-245a gases and is VOC-Free.

We prefer to use only closed-cell foam as it has the highest R-value, lowest perm rating for water vapor transmission, and adds structural integrity as well as soundproofing. Not all spray foams provide these benefits.

We primarily install in new construction and remodeling, but we can retrofit the attic and subfloor systems in existing buildings. There are many knowledgeable architects and builders using our services as they have researched the product and concluded that it is superior to fiberglass and other insulations.

If your builder is apprehensive about using spray foam insulation, ask him to give us a call so that we may better inform him of the latest building techniques. Do not forget that YOU will be the one living in your house and YOU will be paying the utility bills.

Physical Properties

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